This session is appropriate for those who have never shot a bow, or those with some previous experience that are seeking a refresher session.

The Beginner Archery class, concentrates on:

  • Archery safety rules
  • Archery range rules
  • Equipment
  • Sportsmanship and participation
  • Shooting form
It is taught using recurve equipment.

Check for schedules.*

We recommend that you do not purchase equipment until the student has taken this class. Students will be able to gain strength, and will need longer arrows as they practice and stretch out . We can advise on equipment at that time. Once the fundamentals have been learned, the student may also participate in in intermediate Classes. This class is provided for free.

(year round weekly sessions)

Program classes are available for students reaching a higher skill level. The focus is on helping them to become more consistent, and to become more familiar with tournament procedures. Students are encouraged to participate in local, state and national competitions, and to become involved in the USA Archery's ranking program (optional).

The Oranco Archery Program, concentrates on:
  • Archery safety rules
  • Archery range rules
  • Warm-up and fitness
  • Equipment tuning and set-up
  • Shot process (NTS)
  • Tournaments and to enter USA Regional Elite Program
  • Sportsmanship and participation
Requirements to join the program:
  • Must have taken a Basic beginner’s/Introduction class
  • Pass the Q&A assessment interview
  • Must have your own equipment

Sessions are held every Sunday.*
Program membership required*
*Contact us for more details.

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