We are a small and friendly JOAD and Adult Archery educational program under Oranco Bowmen Archery. We are all keen amateurs and we love to talk about archery and introduce archery to new people. We are target, field and 3D archers and currently have members that uses a range of different bow types, including olympic recurve, longbow, barebow and compound. We are limited by the facilities but we have access to two locations that are highly adept in accomodating groups of archers beginning or in advanced training.

Shooting regular rounds allows you to gain and maintain your handicap. We do not confine our shooting to our program sessions, there are many opportunities to take part in local competitions. We encourage our members to compete up to national level.
We are a member of the USA Archery (former National Archery Association) and most of our members are part of CBH/NFAA. We abide by their rules and safety regulations. We offer equal opportunities to all. Our program has seven qualified instructors and one Level 4 NTS Coach.

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